Step 1. In search bar, search "Submit Specialized Subject Grade List".

Step 2. Click "New".

Step 3. Click the "Click here to Upload" button to upload an accomplished grading sheet for the chosen quarter or click "Final Grade Only (No sheet)" to be able to manually input the grades of each student in the system.

  • Option 1 - Uploading a Grading Sheet.
Click "Browse".
After uploading the grading sheet, click the "Attach" button.
Grades are of each student will automatically load.
  • Option 2 - Manually input grades (No Sheet).
Fill up mandatory fields. After filling up, click "Save".
Input the grades of the students. Click "Save" after editing grades.

Step 4. Teacher/Instructor will click "Actions" and select "for Approval".

Step 5. After teacher/instructor requests for approval, the Principal will click "Actions" and select to either "Approve", "Cancel" or "Reject".

After clicking "Approve", students are now graded for the chosen subject.