Step 1. Registrar will log in to the school's Wela portal.

Step 2. After logging in, click the "Enroll" icon.

Step 3. User will then be brought to Enrollee WC. To create an enrollee, click "New".

Step 4. Fill in the necessary details of the student:

  • For New and Transferee Students - Find the "Status" field, click it and select "New". Proceed to encode the details of the student. (Note: No need to fill in the Customer, Student Name and ID Number)
  • For Continuing Students -  Find the "Status" field, click it and select "Continuing". Then in "Student Name" field, input the name of the student and select the student's record. User can then proceed to update the student's details.

Step 5. After encoding the student's details, click "Save". Student is now an enrollee.

Step 6. Go to Enrollment Ledger WC by clicking the icon in the desk or by search.

Step 7. Click "New"

Step 8. Select the Enrolling Semester and School Year.

Step 9. Click the "Student Info" tan and enter student name in "Student". Will then auto-fill the info in Student Info.

Step 10. Wait for student to pay balance/registration fee to be able to proceed with sectioning and adding of subjects. User can optionally click the "Ignore Balance" to proceed.

Step 11. Once payment is settled, User can now proceed to section and add the student's subjects.

  • Choose section available in "Section/Block" to section student. Subjects pre-loaded in the chosen section will be added automatically to the student (Except for subjects that are full or have no schedule)
  • To manually add subjects, click the "Available Subjects" tab and choose a subject to add.
  • Chosen subjects will now be added to the table below.

Step 12. Click "Save" after setting up the student's Enrollment Ledger then click "For Approval" to start the approval process.

Step 13. The Dean must approve by checking the box "Approved by Dean" then click "Save".

Step 14. After approval of the Dean, the Registrar must approve by checking "Approved by Registrar" then click "Save".

Step 15. After being approved by Dean and Registrar, User can now click "submit" to officially enroll the student.

Step 16. Click "Yes" to confirm submission.

Student is now Officially Enrolled.